Here is a list of excuses for why we haven’t been posting anything for awhile;

  • birthdays of family/friends
  • days reserved for mothers
  • plate parties downtown
  • friends & family get-togethers
  • leak in janky keg that de-carbonated the imperial porter
  • re-carbonated the imperial porter at too low PSI
  • Marco’s margaritas

Anyways, we are back into the swing of things. Got all but three kegs emptied, and will be looking to brew up an IPA this month. Keep an eye out for that imperial porter either bottled or on tap at our super secret brewing location.

Good news everyone! We didn’t have a repeat of our last brew session! So this update will be much shorter.

We transferred the first wheat (currently being called Spacenana) into serving kegs and are currently carbonating it. Should be ready to try very soon. The imperial porter finished fermenting and is currently cold crashing with carbonating happening soon (Saint Patties is just around the corner).  Lastly, we brewed another 13 gallons of wheat (currently being called Spacenono), and we put that right into the remaining yeast cakes from the first batch.

Spacenana is only different from Spacenono because of the different amounts of yeast used to ferment the wort. Since the first wheat was pitched with the suggested amount of yeast, it should have developed strong banana esters (get it? Spacenana?). While the second wheat was pitched with what should be way more than the suggested amount of yeast, and it should be lacking in the banana esters department. We will surely enjoy tasting these two near identical recipes side by side hopefully as soon as next month.

We has yet another great brewing session on the 31st. We maxed out our mash tun (~50 lbs of grain for our 20 gallon Blichmann), didn’t get a stuck mash (like the last time we took it to the max), hit the highest gravity yet (1.095), and successfully dropped our entire batch onto super hungry yeast (the yeast that was juiced up by the TX Brown).

Speaking of our TX Brown, the 11 gallons of brown ale was transferred into a couple 5 gallon kegs with the remainder getting put into a mini keg for super fast carbonating (we wanted to sample this during the Super Bowl). We were really impressed with the speed at which we were capable of getting the beer carbonated, but the beer itself was a little too green and will need to be matured a little before we start bringing it around for tastings (looking at the calendar … Houston’s BBQ Cook-off sounds like a good time to bust a few of those open).

Cheers everybody!

P.S. We are thinking about either brewing a Hefeweizen or an IPA next. Comment on this post about what you are most interested in drinking!

We’ve been at this for nearly a year now, and we are happy with how much we’ve learned. We have definitely been happiest with our IPA and our chocolaty Porter. Those will definitely be getting remade earlier in this new year with slightly tweaked recipes. We’ll also be trying our hands at lagering now that we are sure we can control the temperature adequately.

Just yesterday, we had to do a whole lot of beer jockeying. The imperial stout we brewed late November, finally got moved over to the final carbonating stage. And we now have a good number of empty kegs that will allow us the fermentation space to tackle our next couple beers. Be on the look out for our Texas American Brown, followed up by an imperial version of our Choco Porter.

And remember, when drinking craft beer, be responsibly safe!

Kick back, grab a cerveza, and read up on what’s going on. Yesterday, May 4th, we bottled 12 gallons of the chocolate porter that was sitting in our climate controlled chest freezer for the majority of April. Clocking in at 7% ABV yet providing a smooth chocolaty experience, it will likely be a crowd favorite. Just keep an eye out for our beer with the blue caps. But, wait! There’s more! Continue reading