Tipsy Wednesday :: Drink Like an Adult

I know, I know … a day late this week, but will need to postpone tip posts from time to time. Let’s get to the tip, shall we?

Saw a nice write-up over at Lifehacker, How to Get Past the College Phase and Drink Alcohol Like an Adult by Eric Ravencraft. The article got me thinking that not everyone gets out of the college phase of drinking. Either because they are comfortable with what they learned there and/or possibly not very adventurous. Maybe they just never had an opportunity or knowledgeable acquaintances to help guide them into the world beyond Natty Light. And while those who visit this website probably do not need to read this article (I’m assuming we are all craft beer drinkers here), it does provide a little bit of insight into other suggested drinking habits.

Cheers for this week, and stay hydrated!

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