Beerfeast :: Tip for Beerfests

Nothing beats spending time outdoors drinking a variety of craft brew. However, your experiences may differ depending on your location and your preferred activities (tubing, tailgating, etc…). We’ll get into a discussion on tubing and tailgating another day, but today we are talking about beer festivals, or beerfests.

My previous experiences are not vast, with just a few attended at Houston’s Beerfest and a few attended at Sugar Land’s Beerfeast. However, even with a few venues are under my belt, I can at least tell you that Beerfeasts (the Beerfests sponsored by The Flying Saucer), is the bee’s knees of craft beer tastings. From the all day beer menu, to the pricing, to the volunteers, to the rare tappings, it is hands down the most fun I’ve had trying new beers, as well as tasting harder to find beers that I know and love.

This year’s three Beerfeasts are all in TX during the month of October. Always in the afternoon, they run through the first three Saturdays (a different city each week). The order of appearance will be Sugar Land, Fort Worth, & Austin.

Do yourself a favor and get tickets this year. The VIP is fun, but wasn’t entirely worth the extra money unless you really want a beer hold, a t-shirt, and quick access to the rare beer tappings.

Stay tuned for an update to this topic once the Space City Brewery has its first trip to GABF (the Great American Beer Festival) this year in September. I may have need to have recommended different tiers for cheap and expensive beerfests.

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