Tips on Cellaring

This TIPSy is rather short and will be just rule of thumb bullet points.

  • Store in cool dark places
  • Avoid swings in temperature
  • Don’t age beers under 8% ABV
  • Delicate flavors and bitterness disappear with time (so avoid aging IPAs)
  • Store beer upright, not on its side (and yes, if there is a cork you can store it either way)
  • If possibly, get multiples a beer for periodic tastings
  • Don’t be greedy, share your prized age beer with friends!

And even though I’ve recommended a limit at 8% ABV, it is kind of flexible when considering sour beers. It should also be said that run of the mill craft beers are not pasteurized and so they usually have a 3-6 month shelf life from time of packaging. Don’t hold on to those beers for too long or they might end up tasting like vinegar.


    1. Already on top of that. I installed a review/rating plugin for this site’s wordpress a few months back. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to format the tasting reviews with the guys.

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