3rd TIPSy tip – Yeast!

This tip is going to be a much shorter one and is going to be directed towards the home brewer and curious individuals in general. Plus I’ll add a little brewing story at towards the end of this post.

This tip has to do with yeast, yum! While they don’t taste good by themselves, without the help of yeast, beer would be quite disappointing and extremely non-alcoholic. You should also be aware that there are tons of yeast varieties, and many different companies that cultivate and distribute yeast specifically for brewing. The complication is that sometimes you are looking for a particular yeast form a particular yeast company, maybe because it is associated with a beer you really like. For example, let’s say that you want to get some yeast that was made to make Hoegaarden and you find out that they use Forbidden Fruit wheat yeast from Wyeast, but your local shop doesn’t have any of that yeast. Well that’s where this website will help you cross reference yeast between the two big yeast companies (White Labs and Wyeast). I present to you Kristen England’s Yeast Strain Sources & Comparison Chart. Using that site you can quickly figure out that you can pick up some WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast for that beer you are trying to brew with similar tastes to Hoegaarden. Nifty right? The site also identifies use cases for the different yeast strains available. Just browse the list and you can get an idea what yeast your favorite beer uses.

As to not make this post super long, I just wanted to catch you guys up that we postponed brewing this past weekend. Our next IPA is still finishing up fermenting and we are planning on using the yeast for the next beer. A slight delay, but one that is warranted. We were burned in the past for taking beer off yeast too early. Pro Tip, never ever ever do that! Till next time, don’t stop being curious.

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