Confusing Aquarium Salesmen Since 2015

Yes, we swung by an aquarium warehouse store to purchase the newest upgrade to our little brewing operation. The salesman’s brain had to take a few seconds to grasp that we weren’t there for any fishy business.

If you live around the Houston area, you’d know that we have been having very erratic weather the last couple months. And while we have been very good at keeping our fermentation chilled down to temperatures we like, the cold weather has been causing the fermenting beer to get colder than we would like. This causes the yeast in the fermenting beer to slow down or possibly even stall completely. Luckily we haven’t been affected too much, but we still don’t like that we haven’t been in control of our destiny.

Enter the Aqueon 100 Watt Submersible Heater, possibly the easiest/safest solution we could muster.


This little guy is 100% water proof and is able to be place completely underwater. So we just took a jug tall enough to put the whole heater below the water, filled it up with water, placed the entire heater into the jug, placed the jug in the corner of the fermentation chamber, and then plugged it into our thermostat.

And ta-da!


As you can see (this is a static image, to see a dynamic chart visit our Temp Monitor page), we hooked the aquarium heater on March 7th, towards the end of the day. The heater will turn on and slowly warm the chamber if below the set point, and if the temperature goes above the set point the chest freezer will come to life and prevent the beer from getting cooked. It is working remarkably well, and we will continue to be extremely pleased at this <$25 solution.

More news on the coming beers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned in!


  1. Well … it is still working like a champ.

    And I asked a few of my home brewing buddies out in the land of sugar, and they said they just ferment their beer indoors and have the temperature in their house match what they want their beer to stay at. Not really a solution for us, but a nice thought. Others simply didn’t care and just left it at colder temperatures for longer.

    We’ve also seen heating pad wraps made to apply heat directly to carboys/kegs … we didn’t really like that idea because we work with such a large volume. This is why a single purchase that plugs into a single outlet ended up being a super “win” for us!

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