Spacenana? More like Spacenono!

Good news everyone! We didn’t have a repeat of our last brew session! So this update will be much shorter.

We transferred the first wheat (currently being called Spacenana) into serving kegs and are currently carbonating it. Should be ready to try very soon. The imperial porter finished fermenting and is currently cold crashing with carbonating happening soon (Saint Patties is just around the corner).  Lastly, we brewed another 13 gallons of wheat (currently being called Spacenono), and we put that right into the remaining yeast cakes from the first batch.

Spacenana is only different from Spacenono because of the different amounts of yeast used to ferment the wort. Since the first wheat was pitched with the suggested amount of yeast, it should have developed strong banana esters (get it? Spacenana?). While the second wheat was pitched with what should be way more than the suggested amount of yeast, and it should be lacking in the banana esters department. We will surely enjoy tasting these two near identical recipes side by side hopefully as soon as next month.

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