77 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Well … not technically on the wall, but you get the idea. We got barleywine (silver), stout (red), and imperial stout (orange) all packaged up and ready for consumption.


This helped us free up our single 3 gallon keg and three 5 gallon kegs. The baby keg will be used for playing around with the remaining 5 gallons of barleywine we still haven’t bottled yet. We’ll be going two routes; one tactic will be to ferment out some of the remaining sugars (we pulled it off yeast a little too early), and the other method of madness will has us aging it with some bourbon soaked wood.

The more exciting news is that the three empty 5 gallon kegs will get used for fermenting our next wheat beer. We’ll be doing two (maybe three) 13 gallon batches, each batch will use the yeast cake established from the previous brew, and each keg will also use a different German wheat ale yeast strains. We should get all types of flavors from these wheat beers, and the higher yeast counts for the subsequent batches will alter the flavors as well.

Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with everything we’re doing.


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