Squeezed Another Brew into January

We has yet another great brewing session on the 31st. We maxed out our mash tun (~50 lbs of grain for our 20 gallon Blichmann), didn’t get a stuck mash (like the last time we took it to the max), hit the highest gravity yet (1.095), and successfully dropped our entire batch onto super hungry yeast (the yeast that was juiced up by the TX Brown).

Speaking of our TX Brown, the 11 gallons of brown ale was transferred into a couple 5 gallon kegs with the remainder getting put into a mini keg for super fast carbonating (we wanted to sample this during the Super Bowl). We were really impressed with the speed at which we were capable of getting the beer carbonated, but the beer itself was a little too green and will need to be matured a little before we start bringing it around for tastings (looking at the calendar … Houston’s BBQ Cook-off sounds like a good time to bust a few of those open).

Cheers everybody!

P.S. We are thinking about either brewing a Hefeweizen or an IPA next. Comment on this post about what you are most interested in drinking!

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