Our First Brew of 2015

Have you ever had a brewing session and thought to yourself, “wow!” Because that is the way I felt while tackling the TX Brown Ale a week ago. Everything just seemed to fall into place. Aside from the weather dropping our mash temperature a little too quickly for our liking, I dare say it went perfectly according to our plans.

Brewing Sky

Brewing Sky


We are letting the brown ale clean up a little longer in fermentation than we normally do because we are taking extra care to avoid any off-flavors. After two weeks, it will get transferred over to secondary, in order to allow the imperial porter to utilized the invigorated yeast that the brown ale feed/multiplied. That porter is going to knock some socks off!


  1. How come I know EVERY BREWER at this brewery, yet I haven’t had a single sip? Let’s change that. I’m M.O.U. status you know…

    1. We’ll have that TX Brown matured in 3-4 weeks, or the ImpPorter ready in a month or two.

      If you can’t wait that long, we’ll be bottling much of our kegged beers to make room for the next brew.

      1. Star date February 4 and I still have no beer. I told Heladio I had a growler and everything. But alas… Insert sad face.

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