Have you ever had a brewing session and thought to yourself, “wow!” Because that is the way I felt while tackling the TX Brown Ale a week ago. Everything just seemed to fall into place. Aside from the weather dropping our mash temperature a little too quickly for our liking, I dare say it went perfectly according to our plans.

Brewing Sky

Brewing Sky


We are letting the brown ale clean up a little longer in fermentation than we normally do because we are taking extra care to avoid any off-flavors. After two weeks, it will get transferred over to secondary, in order to allow the imperial porter to utilized the invigorated yeast that the brown ale feed/multiplied. That porter is going to knock some socks off!

We’ve been at this for nearly a year now, and we are happy with how much we’ve learned. We have definitely been happiest with our IPA and our chocolaty Porter. Those will definitely be getting remade earlier in this new year with slightly tweaked recipes. We’ll also be trying our hands at lagering now that we are sure we can control the temperature adequately.

Just yesterday, we had to do a whole lot of beer jockeying. The imperial stout we brewed late November, finally got moved over to the final carbonating stage. And we now have a good number of empty kegs that will allow us the fermentation space to tackle our next couple beers. Be on the look out for our Texas American Brown, followed up by an imperial version of our Choco Porter.

And remember, when drinking craft beer, be responsibly safe!