Summer Time Laziness

Summer time is a great time to drink beer, take vacations, hang out with friends & family, and forget to post stuff on the brewery’s website.

It has been awhile folks, and since I last caught you up to date, there were a few upgrades and changes to our process.

First off, we didn’t go right into a barley wine after the pale ale finished. We actually decided to prep our yeast by brewing an IPA and use the yeast cake left over to make the barley wine (which actually is probably more like a double IPA). This worked out extremely well to get the beer going but our low fermentation temperatures has the barley wine taking forever to finish fermenting. We just bumped the temperature up to hopefully help the yeast finish off the remaining fermentables.

Also, we swapped the 20 gallon mash tun and the 30 gallon boil kettle for the barley wine so that we could hold more grains, to get more sugars, to get a bigger beer. Only thing we needed to do was to get a false bottom for the larger kettle and we were in business!

Where did the IPA go? Well, it went into one of our bigger upgrades. Literally, we got a freaking huge freezer to help with cold crashing before carbonating, and later on for making lagers.

And lastly, the most amazing upgrade we got, but have yet to use, is a kegging system. With which we will be carbonating with CO2 (instead of sugar), serving from (mmmmm, draught beer!), filling growlers (easy beer to-go), and of course, we’ll still be bottling.

So that about covers everything that has happened over the last couple months. We are planning on attacking the stout again, but will probably try out our new freezer with lager (perhaps an oktoberfest). Till next time … CHEERS!

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  1. Hey fellas! How does I go about buying your beer? All this reading has made me thirsty!! Eli, here I am! Visit the site, request some beer. Let me know! 😉

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