Happy Quince de Mayo

If you are reading this, you have either survived Cinco de Mayo or you are undead. Either way, good for you!

Let’s talk about where all the beer is at!

  • Beer 1 = Vanilla Stout … has really mellowed out and is becoming more rare with every glass poured.
  • Beer 2/3 = Golden Belgian … both varieties have become well carbonated and have plenty left to share.
  • Beer 4/5 = Simple Wheat … similar to the Belgian, this one is ready and perfect for the warming weather.
  • Beer 6 = Chocolate Porter … wow! This beer is still finishing off carbonating but you really need to try this.
  • Beer 7/8/9/10 = SMaSH Pale Ale … a single malt & single hop pale ale fermented four ways with four different yeasts. This one is almost ready for bottling this weekend. Initial tastings make us think this is one that we might want to just keep for ourselves, it is so good!

The next beer that is coming up will be a massively high ABV Barley Wine. The goal is to make the first double digit ABV beer (meaning 10% or more) and to make enough of it so that everyone can try some. You got a favorite barley wine? You should share with us in the comments section down below!


    1. would love to try any and all of your beers. They sound so yummy! How can I get a sample or bottle or multiple bottles?

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