Happy Cinco de Mayo

Kick back, grab a cerveza, and read up on what’s going on. Yesterday, May 4th, we bottled 12 gallons of the chocolate porter that was sitting in our climate controlled chest freezer for the majority of April. Clocking in at 7% ABV yet providing a smooth chocolaty experience, it will likely be a crowd favorite. Just keep an eye out for our beer with the blue caps. But, wait! There’s more! After bottling all that delicious porter, we went and pushed our system further than we ever took it. Not in brewing the highest ABV beer we could, but in brewing the largest batch to date. We got 20 gallons of pale ale split between four fermentation vessels. Each vessel will have its own different yeast for the purpose of finding a solid house yeast (one that we use for the majority of our ales). This one should be available around early June. Cheers everyone!

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