Brew News & Other Updates

Wanted to keep everyone up to speed, so here we go.

Last time, I reported incorrectly that the Belgian didn’t finish fermenting. We later learned that it was because we concentrated the beer too much and we were getting a false gravity reading. The two variants got bottled on April 6th. Keep an eye out for red and orange caps.

The wheat beer fermented beautifully and got bottled along side the Belgian. Both beers will be ready for consumption after Easter. You’ll be on the lookout for gold (or perhaps organge w/ an ‘A’ written on them) and yellow caps.

Our chest freezer came in and we’re currently monitoring how well it holds temperature steady with the home-made thermostat. This will make fermenting much less painful, and probably make our temperature monitor quite boring.

If you haven’t had a chance to drink our vanilla stout yet, be sure to keep harassing us for a taste. We’ve been enjoying it and don’t remember that other people also want to try it.

Lastly, some photos from a few weeks ago, with a bonus video.

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