Another week and another beer

The Belgian didn’t finish fermenting and will get to chill another week. Actually hoping it warms up a little to jump start the yeast activity.

The Wheat beer did get brewed and we keep learning more and more about our brewing process. We did a great job at keeping the cloudiest part of the post-boil wort out of the fermenting vessels. We have high hopes that this brew comes out of its bottle extremely clear without filtering.

Stay tuned to be kept up-to-date and shoot us your comments!


  1. Will you guys be brewing a pumpkin ale, lager, or imperial porter anytime soon? The season is coming.

    1. We don’t have any immediate plans for any of those. We’ll be giving our sweet stout another try after the 4th. And right now we have an IPA and a TIPA in the fermentation cooler.

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