The Belgian didn’t finish fermenting and will get to chill another week. Actually hoping it warms up a little to jump start the yeast activity.

The Wheat beer did get brewed and we keep learning more and more about our brewing process. We did a great job at keeping the cloudiest part of the post-boil wort out of the fermenting vessels. We have high hopes that this brew comes out of its bottle extremely clear without filtering.

Stay tuned to be kept up-to-date and shoot us your comments!

Our stout has been carbonating nicely in its bottled prisons, while the Beglian styled Tripel has been fermenting nicely and should be ready for bottling next week.

Next on the agenda is upgrading our fermentation rig (currently a cooler + water bath setup) to a thermostat controlled freezer. Will we have the freezer ready for our next beer? Probably not, but one shouldn’t rush science! There will hopefully be a tutorial of the thermostat hookup, as well as the temperature monitoring system we use.

Speaking of our next beer … it is currently slated to be a wheat beer. These basic beer styles we are selecting are helping us learn about our equipment, and will ultimately provide a good base to branch out from and explore the far reaches of the brewiverse!

Sorry for the lack of photos. This week we added two more kettles, pumps to move fluids between kettles, and also attempted our first all grain beer. The good news is we didn’t water this one down, but the bad news is we didn’t give this batch enough water. The outcome will be a stronger beer, but less of it. This of it as an extra limited release!